๐ŸŽจDescription of the Collection

Our NFTโ€™s are a mark. This carefully crafted collection comprises three various designs of stones. The Key, Stargazer and Megalith stones symbolize the mystery surrounding the Carahunge site. Owning one You become a Steward of Historia. Whilst the artwork itself features original pieces embedded within from renowned Armenian artists, creating a fusion of art and history as they come together to represent the ancient heritage site of Armenia - Carahunge. Stewards directly impact heritage sites around the world, contributing to their preservation and research.

Inspired by the surrealism art movement, each piece in the collection is conceived as a surreal collage, encapsulating fragments of time and culture, carefully woven together in an intricate, dream-like tableau.

Each piece of the collection stands as a testament to Armenia's ancient history, bringing to life the tales and legends of Carahunge through the artistic lens of the surreal. Yet, these works are far from static, as they incorporate not only elements from the past but also impressions of the present and visions of the future, creating an artful blend of temporalities that are bound to mesmerize the viewer. The inclusion of works by Armenian artists further enhances the cultural authenticity and depth of the collection.

Conveyed in a style reminiscent of the works of Ernst and Dalรญ, the surreal collage technique employed here allows for a fluid, imaginative representation of the stones' mysterious allure.

This methodology enables the depiction of familiar forms in unfamiliar ways, challenging the viewers' perception of reality and inviting them to explore a world where time is fluid, and where ancient stones whisper stories from the past.

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