๐ŸŒ€Preservation and Restoration (NGO's)

Essential partnerships are formed with NGOs that are intricately involved in the preservation and research of the historical sites featured in our NFTs. These organizations, deeply embedded in the conservation efforts and scientific study of these sites, provide us with invaluable insights and direct involvement in heritage preservation.

Through these collaborations, we ensure that a portion of the funds from each NFT sale and resale is effectively directed towards the ongoing preservation, research, and promotion of these significant cultural landmarks, supporting the vital work of scientists and conservationists dedicated to maintaining our global heritage.


The mission of the Organization has been the preservation of the Armenian historical and cultural heritage, the restoration and popularization of monuments, the realization and valuation of the civilizational significance of the heritage, and its transmission to future generations intact. Whilst also carrying out activities aimed at the exploration, study, research, and ongoing maintenance of cultural values.

Thanks to the efforts of the Organization, about 7 dozen historical and cultural monuments have been restored. In 2020, the non-governmental organization โ€œBnorranโ€ joined the "Armenian Federation for Preservation of Historical Monuments", and was renamed "Bnorran Armenian Organization for Preservation of Historical Monuments". The Organization is also a member of the international NGO โ€œEuropa Nostraโ€. It carries out its mission of preserving the rich Armenian cultural heritage.

Europa Nostra was founded on 29 November 1963 in Paris. For almost 60 years, we have celebrated, protected and advocated for cultural heritage. Covering over 40 countries.

Europa Nostra is recognised as the largest and the most representative heritage network in Europe. It maintains close relations with the European Union, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other international bodies.

Artist Support (NGO's - YBAF)

As we embed artworks within the NFTs of local artists - there is a necessity for us to establish key collaborations with organizations such as YBAF (for the inaugural collection), ensuring a direct line of communication and a deep connection with the local art community.

These partnerships are crucial for gaining insights into the regional artistic landscape and for channeling funds efficiently towards local artists. Leveraging smart contract technology within each NFT collection, we guarantee a transparent and continuous flow of funds to these artists, providing support not only during the initial sale but also throughout every resale of the NFTs.


The Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation (YBAF) is committed to an all-encompassing approach to establishing a creative ecosystem. YBAFโ€™s activity is primarily directed at local artists and is aimed to engage international audiences both physically and digitally. They are an initiative that Armenians are proud of and people of the diaspora and international audiences are curious about.

YBAF aims to modernize Armenia's art scene, showcasing its cultural richness. A1 Art Space, a creative hub in the heart of Yerevan, provides a unique space for workshops, exhibitions, and creative professionals to collaborate. Latitude Art Space, another creation of YBAF, offers a novel approach to exhibitions and art performances in an industrial setting.

These partnerships bridge cultural divides, empowering local artists and institutions while enriching Armenia's global cultural presence and heritage preservation.

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