๐Ÿ’ŽCore Objectives of the Project

Building Infrastructure

In order to enhance the appeal of various sites to tourists and ensure accessibility, allocated funds will be utilized for the enhancement and expansion of current infrastructure.

This encompasses the creation of concrete pathways, the establishment of visitor centers, the installation of informative signage, and the improvement of various other amenities.

Initiating Protection & Preservation

It is important to stay vigilant, as these sites face threats like conflict and war, unregulated tourism, neglect, and the impacts of climate change, which can lead to their decline.

On the flip side, through meticulous conservation and restoration, enhanced security measures, educational initiatives, collaborative efforts, and the integration of innovative technologies, we aim to counter these threats and preserve these cultural treasures.

Scientific Research

Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to fuelling continuous exploration and fresh scientific investigations.

This endeavor will summon the collaboration of local and global archaeologists, geologists, anthropologists, historians, archae-oastronomers, paleontologists, surveyors, ethnographers, conservationists, epigraphers, ceramicists and other experts, delving deeper into the enigmas concealed within the heart of each historical site.

Worldwide Promotion

The collection will be propelled into the global spotlight through an integrated promotion strategy that melds targeted digital marketing, strategic partnerships with tourism organizations, educational initiatives, media collaborations, influencer engagement, participation in cultural festivals, and a commitment to sustainable tourism.

This multifaceted approach aims not only to highlight the unique fusion of global heritage with contemporary art but also to foster a connection with global audiences, encouraging both physical and digital appreciation while contributing to the preservation and celebration of this ancient site.

Artist Support

The envisioned digital collections will not only honor the genuine historical marvels of the past but also fuse them with the artistic merit of contemporary art and cutting-edge technology.

For our inaugural Realm of Historia: Carahunge X collection, select pieces of these tokens will feature distinctive art pieces crafted by prominent Armenian artists - a portion of these sales will go directly to these artists, and others we collaborate with in the future. These masterpieces will be meticulously transferred onto the surface of the stones and eternally preserved on the blockchain history for future generations to cherish.

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